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may, 65tempo (2020)
Zoom-event: “From a Room to a Space”
Museum & Library named after N. Fyodorov

february, 64info (2020)
AXiO29 (verbal pause)
Eventbar_Eden, Tokyo

april, 64info (2019)
FROM ILLUSIONS TO SYMBOLS (the exhibition of a prints)
The House of The Music, Kaluga
Утро Первых, НИКАтv, Kaluga

january, 62info (2018)
Upside Down Skycraper (verbal performance)
The Center of Oriental Cultures, Petersburg
Upside Down Skycraper - Mayakovsky Public Library

march 60info (2016)
QUALITY OF ILLUSIONS (printing on fabric)
Freud's Dream Museum, Petersburg

january 60psy (2016)
Presentation of the book: t-kosmism
Phylosophy club with Andrey Korolev
Bookshop Biblio-Globus, Moscow

exhibition window
Museum Erarta, Petersburg, RF
rent: february 59psy (2014) – march 61info (2016)

september 55cosmo (2010)
Manege M-Hall, Petersburg


november 54cosmo (2009)
ALIENS SOL (the calendar action)
Vienna, Austria


february 53cosmo (2009)
LUXENDAR (presentation of the concept)
exhibition hall of the New World of Art magazine
publication: New World of Art, № 1/66/2009

march 52tempo (2007)
MY PHARMACY OR ESCAPE FROM MEDICINE (exhibition of the pop-compilations)
Freud's Dream Museum, Petersburg

september 51tempo (2006)
HEAVY SEASON (exhibition)
All-Russian State Library of Foreign Literature, Moscow

december-january 48info-49info (2004-2005)
BODY of MUSIC (pictures-objects)
Freud's Dream Museum, Petersburg

june 48info (2003)
"KAISORUI" (text-objects)
Gallery "La Vie", Morioka, Japan

TV news

ATHEIZMS (ideodelic performance)
february 47info (2003)
Zverev Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow
march 48info (2003)
exhibition hall of the New World of Art magazine, Petersburg

april 47info (2002)
HANGAR 18 (ideodelic performance)
Zverevsky Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow

february 45info (2001)
FOR THE PLANETS (exhibition of the objects)
Art centre "Pushkinskaya 10", Saint-Petersburg


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