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The most fantastic vision in this modernity is the effects created by gravitational lenses.
the main LLinza's optical instrument

the nearest observatory Pulkovo

As early as in the days of Albrecht Durer LLinza was engaged enough

Lenore Linza (concept artist)
Lenore Linza onЛинор_Линза

Art Activities:
Present - more unfolded format of the implementation of the basic ideas
2005 - and so on up to the present
1996-2004 – generation of the basic ideas and commencement of the implementation thereof
1995 - the fortuitous beginning of art activity (Financial benefits for lyrics to romances. Austrian Fund and then the Ministry of the Culture of the Russian Federation, Composers' Union).
1985-1994 – private life
1974-1984 sources of self-expression through the text
School activism: political, sport, artistic

2tempo (1957)
Meeting the deities of intermediate borderlines, using of automatics of intermediate borderlines.

Art Name

gravitational theory effect
Arthur St. Eddington
the first observation of a gravitational lens

Edgar A. Poe works effect

Absence of rational reasons for existence
Adoration of Space and its Eternal Beauty
Painfully sufficient familiarization with the world music and types of modern art
Science fiction, pop versions of the quantum theory, comprehensible Buddhism philosophy as well
Effect of the world literature ever
Gothic childhood in Soviet reality
Personal family myth

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