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Quality of Symbols
(the images with texts, 40x30, printing on fabric)

It’s been a long time since the First Sputnik and the "Vostok" rocket turned from technical achievements into humanitarian valuables. The country that has achieved this breakthrough and got the planetary civilization into the outer space should indicate these facts on its flag and coat of arms. Gaining the flag and coat of arms with the image of space emblems, the domestic public consciousness will get a new impulse and inspiration for further expansion into space. The updated state symbols will become a powerful cultural drive of Russia.
Key words: expansion into space, aesthetics of spaceships, consciousness of a citizen, the First Sputnik and the "Vostok" rocket, state symbols of the Russian Federation, flag and coat of arms, quality of symbols

58psy-64info (2013-2019)

Replies from the Government to the appeal

62info (2017)

(a fragment of a theoretical draft)

Thus, the paradoxicality, created and conducted by the background of Nagarjuna, creates (or increases) the mass of psychic information. Heavy, irregular portions-surfaces of paradoxicality are at random fulfilled in the informative tectonics of psychics. The Buddha nature penetrates through any alteration at every level, any transformations in every worlds. The Nagarjuna background is represented in this reality as a consciousnesses background. Before the psychics of Nagarjuna the presence of and demand for paradoxicality were not phenomenally shaped and completed. Evolution used the individual psychics of Nagarjuna as the initial (or if you prefer, official) moment of emission of paradoxicality. Being reflected from modern layers of psychic information the empty paradoxicality of Nagarjuna will inevitably show itself in the present and future psychics as a connate background of space.

51tempo-53cosmo (2006-2008)


The compression of the Past is always a must. The necessity of the Future prospecting is always more topical. The compression of the Past is a rather difficult and labour-intensive task. The Future prospecting is even a more difficult and labour-intensive task. The Present is an intermediate frontier between the Past and the Future, general intentional It. In the Present the archiving of the Past and signal reception from the Future become automatically necessary.
Planetary psychosomatics, which establishes the given moment of Eternity, is not appropriate and cannot remain in theologically predetermined time of historic convention.
With the launch of the "Vostok" the mankind left here for there and farther.
Together with the spaceships "Apollo" from Cape Canaveral, the mankind speeded up to the next evolutionary stage. This is a modern fact-position. The body of mankind leaves the gravitation of the myth-theological time reckoning.
Luxendar offers initial formalization of a new epoch and new art-chronology for future consumers.

46info (2002)

(a fragment of art-lecture "Uglistye Hondrity")

In cosmogonical context without organic admixtures of social environment arranging the artistic space and trajectory of movement by their own bodies omitting labyrinths of DNA, asteroids punk interplanet crookedness. To this conclusion (asteroids are cosmopunks) we are brought Their following characteristics:
1) isolated being in groups
2) extremely tough, asymmetrical appearance
3) elliptical and hyperelliptical system of orbits
4) poor surface shining
5) schizoidic rotation around axis
and, at last,
6) the highest sovereignty level as protest in relation to splendor bodies of Solar System
If we now directly pay attention to musical form of punk-asteroid phonation in cosmomovement along chosen trajectory, we will be offered visual crashness of solid bodies in emptiness.
Homogeneous sounding sufficiency in the absence of almost disappearance typhoon tempo in unrolling infinity and running of orbits in andante-moderato rate, where rotating around axis are preserved in absurd stupid chopped staccato, create Remann's musical form monotonous, but aggression, latent, but expansion with increasing effect of depersonalization of observer, spectator and listener, as well.

HEY, do you often watch asteroid belt named SID VICIOUS?

44psy (1999)

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