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February 29 as a unique Day is a sense-forming core of the LUXENDAR formalism. This calendar project is declared as a conceptual work and has philosopho-aesthetic planetary tasks. February 29 demonstrates the evident time density and cannot be ignored by human communities any more if they call themselves informationally intelligent.
The naturally conditional time density obtained through February 29 and dictated by daily and orbital revolutions of planet Earth preserves the value potential for the next stage
of futuristic aestheticism.


64info (2020)
Eventbar_Eden, Tokyo

60psy (2016)
Bookshop “Fahrenheit 451”, St. Petersburg

56cosmo (2012)
The publication of The Special Art-Treatise 366/1461

50tempo (2008)
29 of February is the 366th Day of a bissextile year in one-year cycle and the 1461st Day of a bissextile year in 4-year cycle (by the Luxendar)

t-shirt (as a table)

International postal action:

Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Minsk, Vienna,
Frankfurt am Main, Amsterdam, London, New York, Austin, Los-Angeles, Seattle, Toronto, Tokyo

48info (2004)
The public proclamation of February 29 (the 366th Day) as a holiday.
The creation of a special art-treatise and 29 festive table-objects.
Zverev Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow

44psy (2000)
Latent celebration.
This leap year (42info), the first festive tables were created.

40cosmo (1996)
The idea of the art-proclamation of February 29 as a holiday.

20tempo (1976)
The first time LLinza came across the phenomenon of 29th of February.

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